3 Hair Styling Tools that Will Dramatically Change Your Styling Routine

Published by The Team on 9th Mar 2017

Show of hands now, how many of you have been late to meetings, dinner plans and more because it was taking too long to do your hair? It’s happened to us too. We’re pretty sure that there are more than a few who have had to face it more than once. Not once, not twice and definitely more than thrice. If you’re tired of that happening, maybe, just maybe, the problem lies in the styling tools you’re using.

Hear us out first. No one wants to get rid of their beloved hair styling tools and often the hair styling tools one has are a few years old. Nonetheless, the age of your tools means that there are certain tools in the market that are not only younger, they are also more effective, slimmer and cut down greatly on styling time. The following are 3 hair styling tools that will dramatically change your styling routine for the better

  1. Curling Wands for Faster Curls

Curling wands are not new in the hair styling tool market yet we still can’t get over how quick and easy they make for one to get curls. The best part is the flexibility it offers. Depending on how tightly you wrap your hair around it, you can easily get large, loose curls or closer, tighter curls within a few minutes. Curling wands are also much easier to use since they’re lightweight and don’t tire your arm out while you’re curling your hair.

  1. Diffusers for Faster Drying

Hair washing can become the bane of every person with thick, curly hair. There is no way that hair is drying on its own within minutes. Air-drying can take hours and even blow-drying can take a good 20 minutes. Add in some extra minutes adding hair products to your wet hair to ensure that your curls stay intact and you have already spent a good 30 to 40 minutes on your hair. For faster, more even drying get your hands on a diffuser. It is usually available as an attachment on a regular blow dryer and once you diffuse your curls, you’re going to literally wonder how you ever existed without one.

  1. Straightening Brushes for Evenness

When in good condition, thick hair looks flawless, even if it is only straightening. However, straightening out the mass of hair can be slow work, particularly if your hair is prone to tangling. Cut down the time spent straightening and fighting the tangles with the help of a straightening. Although there have been some apprehensions tied to its usage, it really does cut down on the time and brushes hair while straightening it, giving hair a nice sheen and leaving it tangle free. On the other hand, for those with very small, tight curls, this might not be the perfect tool to use. We can’t really provide much feedback regarding this since we haven’t had a chance to use it on such hair.

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