Our Commitment to Customer Service

Published by on 20th Jun 2020

Being a family run business, we at Luxurious Look are always incredibly grateful when a customer decides to spend their money with us and this isn't something we take lightly. As a growing name in the industry there is an element of risk when a customer chooses Luxurious Look as they are moving that purchase away from a competitor. We strive to ensure that the customer’s experience is smooth and their expectations are exceeded every step of the way.

Here are some of the ways we do that:

  • Inform customers early if there will be a delay to their delivery. This has been particularly well received through these challenging times.

  • Answer customer queries VERY quickly. You only have to look at the social media comments from our competitors to see how badly this can go.

  • Fix the problem, investigate later. If a customer has had to get in touch, they have already had to spend extra time and effort to do so. 99% of the time these queries are genuine, therefore we try to overdeliver when resolving issues to compensate for the whole experience. If you wait to investigate you lose the window of time where your customers are impressed at how effortlessly their issue was resolved.

  • Random acts of kindness! This is part of the business that I love the most. Taking time to personally send our customers samples/free gifts/discount codes as an extra thank you for their custom. As it comes to them out of the blue it really is satisfying and opens up some great direct dialogue between me and our customers.

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