The Difference a Good Hair Brush Can Make For Your Hair

Published by The Team on 29th Mar 2017

Looking after hair is tough work but what if someone told you that the way you brush your hair also makes a huge impact on your hair health. When it comes to brushing hair, there’s not much that can go wrong, right? Unfortunately, there is plenty that can go wrong. For this reason, there are different kinds of hair brushes but here’s how you can truly benefit from the difference a good hair brush can make for your hair.

Know Your Hair Type

Your hair type is greatly affected by the kind of brush you have. For this reason, you need to invest in the right hair brush that suits it. For normal to straight hair, there’s not a lot of need to be picky since there isn’t much to deal with here. On the other hand, wavy and curly hair tends to prove to be difficult while kinky hair is a whole other challenge with their tight ringlets. Due to this, always pay attention to the kind of hair type you have.

Different Types of Brushes

Now that you’ve determined your hair type, it’s time to take a closer look at the different kinds of brushes available and how they help your hair:

  1. Paddle Brush

A paddle brush is perfect for getting rid of frizz in hair. It doesn’t add a lot of volume for hair but it does tend to make it easier to control.

  1. Round Brush – Metal

A round brush is the perfect hair styling tool and can be used to get the perfect curls as well as add more bounce and volume to your hair. Moreover, when used in conjunction with a hair dryer, the metal body of the round brush heats up and can curl your hair to perfection. Pay attention to the size of the barrel since that defines the size of the curls you can make with it.

  1. Vented Brush

A vented brush is perfect for getting more volume into your hair. The vented body allows for more air to pass from the hair dryer and helps to get hair dried quickly. Keep in mind that this won’t give your hair the best volume.

  1. Natural Hair Bristles

If you want to add a lustrous shine to your hair, opt for ones that have natural hair bristles in them. These help to imbibe hair with a lovely glow. Get a brush with mixed hair bristles, that has both natural and nylon bristles. It works wonders on curly hair, helping to get rid of tangles and making hair shine as well.

Invest in a Detangling Brush

For thick, wavy, curly, kinky and unruly hair, a detangle brush can prove to be invaluable. Even for straight, long hair, a detangle brush can be useful to get rid of tangles in hair without straining the hair strand. A lot of times, this means that you end up weakening your hair if you brush it too much. A detangling brush is designed specifically to get rid of tangles in hair without weakening or causing it distress.

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