What are Signature Scents and How Should You Pick One?

Published by The Team on 7th Mar 2017

When it comes to scents and fragrances, very few people usually remember buying some themselves. These are usually gifted to us. Applying perfume doesn’t take a lot of thought for most people. Spritz some on and as long as it doesn’t stink, they’re happy with the results.

On the other hand, there is a reason why scents and fragrances are so popular. A signature scent is one smell that a person will always associate with you. A signature scent makes them think of you, remember you, recall you out of the blue.

Normally the use of sensory impressions is easily seen in the works of writers. A good writer makes the reader feel. How many of us felt the biting cold of the North or felt the heat of the dragons in Mereen when reading a Song of Ice and Fire? Similarly, one of the biggest ways to create a sensory impression is through the use of scents and perfumes.

How to Pick One?

Now that you know the huge role that scent plays in tying your memory to something, you have to pick the right scent for yourself. Picking a signature scent for yourself isn’t too difficult. Just pay attention to the following tips when you’re looking for one:

  1. Concentration Levels

How strongly your signature scent lingers or registers on the nose of a person depends upon the concentration of the perfume. The stronger it is, the longer it will last. In scents, you can usually find two indicators of the concentration namely, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. Eau de Parfum is of a higher concentration as compared to Eau de Toilette and often lasts throughout the day as well.

  1. Focus on Your Favourites

What foods or seasons are your favourites? Summer and spring usually means that you might tend to have a preference for floral, fruity, beach scents and scents that are crisp and cool. Winter and autumn might show that you have a preference for musky, clean scents like mistletoe, nutmeg, cinnamon and more. Your favourite foods can also help pick a scent for you. Oftentimes, a lot of fruits, flowers, spices and more ingredients are used in blends and focusing on your favourites can make the decision easier for you.

  1. Match it to Your Personality

Dior explained it best, stating that “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her hand writing.” He wasn’t wrong about that either. You can easily use your personality as a gauge to pick a scent. If you’re usually a shy person, you can easily get a more bold scent. On the other hand, if you’re a bold person, get a subtle, floral and delicate scent. However, you can also pick a scent that goes with your personality so always be sure to pick one that compliments it.

If you’re looking for the perfect signature scent, take a look at the collection of scents available in our inventory. Let us know what your favourite ones are in the comments!

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