Complete Guide To Damaged Hair Repair

Complete Guide To Damaged Hair Repair

28th Sep 2021

No one signs up for damaged hair willingly and we are all guilty of contributing to damaging our manes no matter how much we try and avoid it. Whether it’s from excessive heat-styling, stress, diet or too much sun exposure, these are all some of the factors which means your hair might need a little more TLC from time to time.

You’re in the right place and our Luxurious Look experts are here to help you bring damaged hair back from the brink and encourage healthier growth in the future. Simple switches can make all the difference.

For extremely damaged hair, using a conditioner or treatment pre-shampooing can help give hair the extra bit of nourishment it needs. The Kerastase Resistance Ciment Anti Usure Conditioner is a luxurious anti-breakage and strengthening conditioner specially designed to be used before you shampoo your hair. The innovative combination of ingredients recreate the outer protective layer to reconstruct the hair strands so it's strong to touch, more resilient and feels softer. Perfect for really weak or very damaged hair.

Our hair is so fragile when wet, even brushing can cause breakage and splitting. Avoid any vigorous towel-drying as this can cause extra damage. Try using a de-tangling product which will give effortless brushing and less snagging. The Davines All-In-One Milk 135ml is a much loved product amongst beauty lovers. Aside from making your hair frizz-free and protected from heat, it is formulated with Roucou oil to make hair super soft so your brush glides through with ease to remove any tangles.

Up the ante on hair masks! A weekly hair mask can be a saviour to damaged hair – the additional nourishment can boost health and shine. We recommend the Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment, it’s a rich, deep treatment formulated with Olive Oil and Goji Berry extract to restore strength to damaged hair, leaving hair super soft and shiny.

Scalp health has been so underrated as of late, but if you think about it, its where all the healthy hair starts. Stimulating the scalp by giving it a deep cleanse or exfoliation to remove any nasties will allow for better hair growth. The Monpure Clarifyng Scalp Scrub not only clears away flaky skin, impurities and build-up but also helps to alleviate symptoms of dandruff and psoriasis. The healing shea butter and argan oil soothe and rejuvenate the scalp, promoting a heathy environment for hair growth.

Using a good heat protectant will help prevent heat damage. It’s not a myth, they really do work by protecting the outer layer to strengthen the hair and prolong any damage. A little wonder is the Olaplex Bonding Oil. Its weightless, highly concentrated formulation dramatically increases shine, softness, and colour vibrance. Taming frizz and flyaways it also gives protection against heat styling appliances.

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