Get The Look: Effortless Summer Hairstyles With Davines

Get The Look: Effortless Summer Hairstyles With Davines

3rd Aug 2021

With summer finally here, it’s the perfect time to try out something new with your hair. This year is all about relaxed, hassle-free styles with a natural vibe, meaning less time spent styling and more time spent enjoying the sun!

We’ve partnered with professional haircare brand, Davines, to bring you four of our favourite styles to make a statement this summer. Whether you’re looking for a fun up-do or something sleek and sophisticated, these hairstyles will take you from the beach to the bar in style.

Natural waves

Loose, undone waves are a huge hit this season, and give hair an instant laidback, beachy feel. And the best part is they’re a total cinch to create!

Start by applying a quick spritz of Davines Volu Hair Mist to towel-dried hair, combing it through from the roots to tips to add body and volume. Next, blow dry your hair using a moderate heat whilst tipping your head upside down to give finer hair an extra volume boost. Once dried, use a large, round brush to smooth any frizz from the ends of the hair.

Now for the fun part! Following the natural parting of your hair, use a medium or large barrel curling iron on a few sections of the hair to create loose, flowing waves. Be sure to avoid curling the very ends of your hair to enhance that undone, natural feel.

Finally, spritz your curls with Davines Dry Texturizer for added structure before gently separating them with your fingers. For the ultimate shine, finish off with Davines Shimmering Mist.

High chignon

This pretty up-do is perfect for keeping cool on those hot days and can be achieved in minutes.

Ensure your hair is completely dry before spraying it with Davines Dry Texturizer and combing it back. Then, gather the hair into a ponytail (about halfway up the head so it forms a straight line from the head to the cheekbones and chin) leaving a few strands of hair to fall forward and frame your face.

Pull your ponytail forward to loosen it from the elastic and create a more casual look, then spritz with Davines Strong Hold Hair Spray. Wrap the hair round into a bun, using hairpins or clips to fix it in place at the top of the head.

Finish off by winding a cute scarf around your hair, tying it into a side bow over the forehead and tucking in any excess fabric for instant chic!

Sleek slick-back

If you’re looking for a style that oozes sophistication and confidence, this slicked-back style is the way to go. It’s speedy, chic, and keeps your hair off your face while still allowing you to wear it down.

Start by washing your hair then patting it dry to remove any excess water. Be careful not to go overboard here as the hair needs to be slightly damp to achieve this look! Next, mix a little Davines Texturizing Serum and Davines Medium Hold Modelling Gel in your hands and distribute it generously all over the hair. Work the mixture from the roots to the ends, ensuring even coverage as you do so.

Using a wide-tooth comb, sweep your hair backwards, smoothing out any large ridges with your hands. Pin the sides of your hair to the back of your head with large clips and fix with a generous spritz of Davines Strong Hold Hair Spray. Use a diffuser to dry your hair, removing the clips when it’s nearly dry – et voila! Sleek, slicked back hair in minutes.

Messy bun

For lazy summer days, you really can’t go wrong with a messy bun. It’s a great style for textured hair, and it’s so versatile it’ll work with anything from a summer dress to a swimsuit.

To create the perfect messy bun, let your hair dry naturally, or use a moderate heat when blow drying. Apply a generous spritz of Davines Sea Salt Spray, using your fingers to work it through the lengths of your hair, gently twisting small sections to add a tousled, textured effect.

Tie your hair back into a low, loose ponytail before forming it into a bun and pinning it in place with clips or hairpins. Allow a few strands of hair to escape to emphasise that relaxed, messy look, then finish off with a splash of Davines Strong Hold Hair Spray.

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