Top Travel Haircare Essentials To Pack This Summer

Top Travel Haircare Essentials To Pack This Summer

10th Aug 2021

Summer is officially here! Whether you’re travelling somewhere exotic or planning a staycation, you’ve more than likely stocked up on SPF and the perfect summer wardrobe – but what about your haircare routine?

Warmer climates come hand-in-hand with heat and humidity, which can increase chances of dryness and frizz for your hair. In addition to this, whilst a quick dip in the pool or sea is refreshing, it can strip your locks of essential moisture, leave your colour looking faded and cause damage and split ends.

You may not have access to your usual arsenal of hair essentials while travelling, but that’s no reason to neglect your haircare routine altogether. We’ve put together a list of our favourite holiday essentials for keeping hair in top condition whilst enjoying the sun!

Davines Shampoo Bars

Solid shampoo is a great alternative when travelling as it reduces the number of bottles you need to pack, saving space in your luggage for more important things! The Davines collection of solid shampoo bars are one of our favourites as they come in various different types to suit your specific haircare needs, and they create a rich, creamy lather just like conventional liquid shampoo.

Not only are they compact and convenient to slip into your suitcase, but they’re good for the planet too. They’re made with biodegradable ingredients so you can protect your hair and the environment at the same time – plus they’re wrapped in 100% recyclable paper.

The DEDE bar gently cleanses all hair types and is perfect for everyday use, while MOMO gives a moisturising boost to dry or dehydrated hair – ideal for those days when you’ve spent too much time in the sun! The VOLU bar promotes body and volume in fine or flat hair, while the LOVE bar gently smooths and softens frizz.

The best part is that each bar is enriched with powerful natural botanicals including yellow melon extract, olive oil and red celery, so they’ll leave your hair feeling soft and silky and smelling gorgeous all day!

Maria Nila Mini Duos

You can bring all the benefits of sustainable, 100% vegan haircare with you this summer with Maria Nila’s Mini Shampoo and Conditioner Duos. They’re everything you would expect from the leader in animal friendly and cruelty free haircare, but in cute, travel-sized bottles – ideal for carry-on luggage where full-sized bottles are not allowed.

The True Soft minis offer both a shampoo and conditioner that fight frizz and static caused by humidity, with added argan oil to nourish and hydrate dry hair, leaving it glossy, soft and beach-ready!

Opt for the Luminous Colour Duo to protect your coloured locks from the fading effects of too much sun and sea water, while boosting strength, shine and softness. The peach, blackberry and apple scent will leave your hair smelling just as good as it looks.

Delicate blonde shades are also covered with the Sheer Silver Duo which neutralises those brassy, golden shades with violet pigment and blackberry extract, adding lustre and protecting cool silver and blonde tones from the darkening effects of sun exposure.

Davines SU Range

The SU collection from Davines will provide you with a complete routine, formulated to provide hair and skin with protection from UV rays, sea water and chlorine, so you can enjoy your time in the sun, worry-free!

Designed to counteract environmental damage to hair, The SU Hair Mask will help restore softness, shine and hydration to sun-damaged locks, while it’s light formula won’t weigh down finer strands.

Davines SU Aftersun Hair and Body Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse hair and skin that has been exposed to the sun, while providing soothing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory relief, keeping both hair and skin soft and hydrated.

For leave-in protection while you’re out and about, SU Hair Milk provides all the benefits of a cream, but with the lightness of a spray. It contains UVA and UVB filters to protect colour and prevent hair from drying out in the sun.

The entire SU range is enriched with Vitamin C to protect hair and skin from free radicals caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and is perfect for all hair types.

Milk_Shake Incredible Milk

The Incredible Milk from Milk_Shake is a great all rounder, so if you’ve only got space in your suitcase for one styling product, this is our top pick. It not only protects hair against the sun’s harmful UV rays, it’s also great for detangling hair after a day at the beach or pool.

Simply spray onto clean damp hair and style away – it even fights frizz, protects colour and adds volume & shine. What more could you need?

Monpure Hydrate & Soothe Scalp Serum

It’s not always easy to protect your scalp from the sun, but this Hydrate & Sooth Scalp Serum from Monpure is a lifesaver to calm symptoms of sunburn if you get caught out.

Simply part hair and apply a tiny amount directly to the scalp, massaging gently to relieve any soreness. The formulation features redness-reducing witch hazel, renowned for calming sensitive skin.

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