Milk_Shake Flower Fragrance Incredible Milk 150ml

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Why we love it:
Meet the new and blooming version of the Milk_Shake's Incredible Milk crowd-pleaser: the Milk_Shake Flower Fragrance Incredible Milk. Reinvented with a vegan formula and wrapped in a stunning exclusive scent, this product is a true haircare revolution. Immerse yourself in an aromatic journey, featuring the zesty notes of mandarin, the sweetness of nectarine peach, and the exquisite blend of lotus flower, gardenia, and jasmine, all grounded by the rich warmth of amber, white musk, and coconut cream. Its iconic 12-effect spray, is now more irresistible than ever, promising to transform your hair care routine into a sensorial delight.

How it works: 
This phenomenal spray is a powerhouse of hair benefits, thanks to its enriching blend of moringa extract and soy protein. Designed to cater to all hair types, it offers a comprehensive solution to your hair woes, from repairing damage and controlling frizz to adding unmatched shine and volume. Each spray is a promise of protection, whether from heat, UV rays, or colour fade, ensuring your hair remains in pristine condition, no matter the challenge.

How to use: 
Unlock the full potential of Incredible Milk with a simple shake and spray onto clean, damp hair. Comb through to distribute evenly, focusing on areas that need the most love. No need to rinse out—just style as desired and step out into the world with confidence, knowing your hair is not only protected but also radiating with health and fragrance.

For best results: 
For hair that truly captivates with its beauty and fragrance, make Incredible Milk a staple in your daily routine. Its versatile benefits mean you can say goodbye to a multitude of products cluttering your bathroom. Whether you're looking to enhance the effects of your styling tools, protect your colour, or simply keep your hair looking and feeling its best, this all-in-one solution is your ticket to achieving salon-worthy results at home. Pair with other Milk_Shake hair care products for a comprehensive routine that caters to the health and beauty of your hair.

Benefits Include:

  • A breathtaking exclusive floral fragrance for an aromatic experience
  • Vegan-friendly formula, embracing natural nourishment
  • Repairs and revitalises all hair types
  • Offers comprehensive protection from heat, UV rays, and colour fade
  • Intense hydration and frizz control for silky smooth locks
  • Unparalleled shine and volume for hair that truly stands out
  • Makes hair easier to detangle, style, and manage
  • Free from parabens, ensuring your hair receives the gentlest care

About the brand:
Milk_shake hair care and hair colour products make the most of the benefits of nature, and offer dedicated solutions for all hair types. Natural ingredients, such as milk and yogurt proteins and fruit extracts, enhance hair’s natural beauty.

Moringa Extract, Soy Protein (VEGAN FORMULA), Integrity 41®

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Heat Protection
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Heat Protection
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