Milk_Shake Whipped Cream Leave In Foam 50ml

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Why we love it:
Enter the Milk_Shake Whipped Cream Foam, a nurturing leave-in formula enriched with the goodness of milk proteins. This foam embraces your hair, conditioning and restructuring it with finesse, all while preserving its feather-light feel. It's your go-to solution for detangling those knots and a perfect quick-fix conditioning treatment. What's more, its special Integrity 41 formula goes the extra mile to safeguard your hair colour, ensuring it stays vibrant and radiant.

How it works: 
The Milk_Shake Whipped Cream Foam boasts a leave-in formulation powered by Milk, Casein, and Wheat Proteins, imparting deep conditioning and structural integrity to your hair. It features our proprietary Integrity 41, a guardian angel for your hair colour, along with the hair-loving duo of Vitamins E and B5. These ingredients work in harmony to caress your hair, leaving it soft, glossy, and brimming with life.

How to use: 
Before use, give it a good shake. Then, with the bottle pointed downwards, dispense the product into your hand. Gently apply it to clean, damp hair, and proceed with your preferred styling regimen.

For best results: 
For optimal outcomes, consider Milk_shake Whipped Cream Foam a key player in your hair care ensemble. Combine it with a Milk_Shake Shampoo of your choice and complement your routine with a weekly Milk_Shake moisturising treatment.

Benefits Include:

  • A luxurious leave-in conditioner
  • Instant hair restructuring and revitalisation
  • Effortless detangling for smoother locks
  • Enhanced smoothness and radiant shine
  • Vigilant protection and preservation of your hair colour

About the brand:
Milk_shake's hair care and hair color products are a celebration of nature's wonders, offering tailored solutions for every hair type. Harnessing the power of natural ingredients like milk and yogurt proteins, along with fruit extracts, to elevate your hair's inherent beauty. From the very first cleanse to the finishing touches of styling, each step in our hair care regimen has been meticulously crafted to deliver tangible results. Not only will your hair look stunning, but it will also flourish with newfound vitality.

Multi-vitamin complex, Integrity 41 (hydroglycolic sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols), milk proteins.

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Leave In Conditioner
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Colour Protect
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Sulfate Free

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